Stickers and labels can often be an underused tool when it comes to promoting your business. Versatility is a big benefit to using stickers as they can be used on almost anything from vehicles and windows, to leaflets, flyers and printed brochures. Stickers can be a worthwhile addition in supporting your campaign goals supplementing your flyers, folders and other materials.

Stickers and labels can be used to highlight key information making a feature of the key message on another piece of marketing material. Contact details, prices can be included on a sticker to make them more visible to your customers.

Stickers and labels can be highly effective when used as a direct call to action. Voucher codes, promotional offers or QR codes can be printed on a sticker and added to a flyer.

Using stickers in company vehicles gets your message in front of a general audience and can be excellent attention-grabbing tools

Stickers make excellent promotional tools. Creating a “no tools left in the van” sticker with your contact details and logo will mean that your company name will be carried everywhere the vehicle goes.

Stickers can be added to product displays in store or at events to highlight key features. Address labels with your branding can personalise supplier literature and product samples making them part of your marketing effort.

Stickers can really make your brand stand out and get your message across. Hengrove Printing’s graphic design team will work with you to create high quality stickers and labels that have a long lasting impact on your audience.

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