Posters can serve as a permanent and attention-grabbing way to reach a broad audience. With a clean, eye-catching design, your posters can make a strong visual impression. When you hang up a poster in your premises potential customers will see them for as long as you leave them up.

Posters are best used in high traffic areas. They need to immediately attract people on the move. They need a message that viewers remember and identify with your business. When you use posters to promote an event, you can potentially reach your audience repeatedly when you choose a high traffic display area. This repetition increases the likelihood that your customer will respond to the message on the poster.

This makes the design of a poster of critical importance. Hengrove Printing’s experience of working with our clients to achieve the impact their poster campaign needs means your customers will see a compelling attention-grabbing poster that gets your message to an audience who may not otherwise engage with you. There is no doubt that an effective poster, well designed and placed can get people talking about your product which will lead to an increase in sales and interest.

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