Postcard printing is an effective form of promotion. The recognisable A6 shape automatically triggers a positive feeling from consumers as postcards are associated with holidays, friends and family. As they come without an envelope the read rate is very high. They engage from the moment they are picked up.

While direct mail is the most common use for postcards they can also be used as point of sale material, carrying your offers or vouchers. Using a postcard at networking events means you will stand out from the mass of business cards.  At a trade show postcards will be picked up more often than a larger piece of marketing material and if printed on a good quality heavy card stock will stand out from the sheets of paper.

A postcard will be retained and reread due to its convenient size and familiar shape. This makes the choice of card important, it may be pinned on a noticeboard or left in a drawer for some time. This means that your message will last weeks or possibly months.

Direct marketing postcards rely on their design to make the right first impression. A badly chosen image or poorly written strapline can mean lower impact and fewer sales. Hengrove Printing’s graphic design team will help you get that impact with clear images and a compelling offer that has grabs your customer’s attention and sells your products and services.

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