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Despite being highly effective, greetings cards are often overlooked when it comes to developing a print marketing strategy. A greetings card has the potential to make a valuable contribution in establishing and securing long-term business relationships with clients who not only appreciate your work but appreciate you as well. Greeting cards are for more than just Christmas.

However, when most companies have a CRM system capable of reminding you about a valued client’s birthday it is worth recognising the business relationship in a more personal way. Using greetings cards to strengthen relations with your staff can also be useful. Noting a sales or business milestone with a personal message can give a boost to the recipient and the rest of your team.

The effect of a card arriving in the post or appearing on a desk in an age when email greetings are routine is significantly greater than the cost or effort. While greetings cards themselves are a subtle marketing message there is no reason why vouchers or offers can’t be included.

Hengrove Printing’s graphic design team can help you produce an individual greetings card that stands out from standard template or shop bought cards. Printing can be done on a variety of card weights and colours. Envelopes are an important part of the greeting and the choice of shape, size and colour will personalise your greeting. A greetings card can give your clients and colleagues a lift and reinforce their impression on your business as professional and caring.

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